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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can Trotters Sewing Co. help with manufacturing my product?
If you already have a product in production, and would like to see if we can help you manufacture it, the best way to start is to fill out our contact form, send a photo or provide a web address where we can see your product. If you need us to sign a non-disclosure agreement, we do that often. If you do not have a non-disclosure agreement, we can provide one.
What are your Minimum Order Quantities? How do I get a price quote?
Our Minimum Order Quantities are 250-500 pieces. Anything less than this will be considered on an individual basis. We won't provide price quotes by just looking at a product. We need to produce the product to determine cost. To provide a price quote we do a sample production run of it. We need enough materials to produce at least 10-20 samples. The only items that we provide for this process is black or white thread. You will need to provide all other materials.
Does it cost anything to get a Price Quote for my product?
We do charge for sample production runs, as it takes time to manufacture a product for the very first time. To cut down on those costs, however, providing our team with tech packs, sewing specifications, cutting and sewing guidelines, and a sample makes it a faster & easier process. The cost for the initial sample production runs are charged by the hour, at $50.00 per hour.
I have a new product idea and need samples produced. Does Trotters Sewing Co. help with this?
We no longer produce samples from "scratch." If you have a new product, look for a company in the USA that specifically helps with design work, patterns & product development. We recommend searching for companies on SEAMS, The Carolina Textile District, Manufactured in NC or Makers Row.
Does your company source materials for my product?
Our staff is able to guide customers with finding materials, but normally, we do not purchase materials. Most of our customers provide their supplies, and ship those to us for the manufacturing process. We do provide black and white thread, and if a specific color match thread is required, we can provide it at an added cost. Our staff is able to help customers find companies that provide specific items, such as fabrics, trims, elastic, etc. We also recommend you search for sources on SEAMS, Manufactured in NC, and The Carolina Textile District.
Does your company do assembly, packaging and shipping?
We are able to help with simple assembly and packaging if needed. We currently bulk ship products to our customers, but if you have a need for fulfillment services, we can have that conversation or suggest a company for that.