I went to the doctor last week, and a nurse and physician’s assistant kindly commented on my mask. The PA asked if I made it. I said yes, and explained that our business is a cut and sew manufacturer, and we are currently making masks and gowns for healthcare workers.

Then both of them THANKED ME for what I was doing!

I was humbled for sure, as nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers are the ones putting their lives at risk daily to protect us. So to be thanked by them was a very humbling moment.

It reminded me that making the change over to manufacturing PPE quickly was definitely a challenge for us, but it was so important to our community and country.

Like so many manufacturers across the USA, we switched from what we’re used to manufacturing to help healthcare & other essential workers get the supplies they desperately needed. We’re very proud to be doing our small part to help others during this pandemic.

How long will this demand for PPE last? We honestly have no idea, but if it stops tomorrow, we’ll never forget this important time in our business when we made products to save lives.

It has also shown the world just how important seamstresses are to us, and that the life skill of learning to sew is still necessary. 

We’re hopeful that those in charge of purchasing essential products that can be made by American companies and workers will choose to do so. We’re also hopeful that more shoppers will realize “Made in America” means something more.

It means local companies and communities can thrive. It means more employment opportunities for your neighbors. It means you are helping to put food on the table for a family in your area. It means more people eating in restaurants, shopping in stores and purchasing gas and snacks down the street from where they work everyday.

It also means products we use everyday are made HERE, and not just overseas. And what better assurance is there than knowing those goods are readily available when the next disruption or disaster occurs.

So, the next time you’re shopping, look for “Made in the USA” products. Support your local restaurants, shops & boutiques, farmers, industries & service providers in and around your community.


Because “Made in America” means something more to us all.