Barbara Trotter, founder of TSC, is busy sewing masks for the Prayer Pony Foundation, a local non-profit organization that’s been providing cloth masks free of charge to essential workers and others in our community. We have helped Kim Farmer, founder, provide approximately 2000 masks to our community, and without Barbara’s help, we wouldn’t have been able to do that!

With the demands of work requirements, we struggled with getting the masks made fast enough so Barbara has come everyday for the last 3 weeks to help! We also had some seamstresses that came in early to sew them, as well as volunteer on Friday mornings to help. Our plant manager Judy McPherson helped also, sewing at home and at work, but we still couldn’t keep up with the demands for the masks! We moved a few of our sewers from their regular jobs to help, and we also made kits to give away to be sewn by others in the community. 

It was definitely a big group effort, as The Prayer Pony Foundation was tasked with clipping and tying the paracord for the masks, as well as distributing them to the community. Kim Farmer’s home soon became a hub for distribution of the masks, as well as sewing kits, and people came everyday to get their masks. She also shipped them to people that reached out to her from other areas.

We have been humbled by everyone that offered to help with this community project. But we were even more touched by the photos we saw posted on Facebook of people wearing the masks we helped to sew!

They went to healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, our local zoo, doctor’s offices, hospitals, banks, grocery store workers, plumbers, heating and air crews, etc. 

But, as much as we were able to do, the work is nowhere near done!

The Prayer Pony Foundation is now selling the masks, and they can be bought at Funds from the sale of the masks will benefit the foundation.

TSC is also working on a new project and a new division. Our goal is to make products out of fabric scraps and supplies that are leftover from different projects. It is our way of keeping those items out of the landfill. We are hopeful our very first product will be a cloth mask made of recycled materials. So stay tuned for more information to come about this process.

Until then, please stay safe, healthy, hopeful and helpful during this very difficult time in all of our lives!