There have been so many changes to our business throughout the years. But I don’t remember a time where it was changing so rapidly as today.

We are taking calls and emails everyday from businesses, individuals, and agencies, most of them seeking the same thing… “Can you provide cutting and sewing for PPE?”

We have probably taken more calls for business in the past seven weeks than we do in a whole year! And all those calls and emails begin to take a toll on you.

People are in need, and as much as we want to do more to help, we are limited.

It takes more employees to do more, which means more exposure to the virus in our facility. It takes more sewing equipment, which means new investments. It takes more room, and our production floor is “busting at the seams” now. And it takes time - something we don’t have enough of these days.

So we do what we can, and we move forward, which is something my brother Mark wisely reminds me a lot. 

This year, it was a goal for TSC to start a new division called ReTexstyled. And in the midst of what feels like total chaos at times, we are moving forward with that goal.

ReTexstyled focuses on taking leftover textile waste and supplies, and making useful products out of that waste. It is something that we have talked about for many months, but there always seemed to be something that would get in the way of starting. But now, in the midst of a PANDEMIC, we have begun.

We have partnered with a wonderful company called TS Designs located in Burlington, NC. TS Designs was one of many companies that immediately felt the effects of Covid -19. They sell 100% cotton t-shirts that are Made in the USA, beginning with cotton that is grown here, spun here, cut and sewn here, and then dyed & screenprinted at TS Designs. Every step of the process is traceable, from beginning to end. But when Covid-19 made its way to our shores, TS Designs’ business came to a halt.

Their staff began scrambling, trying to think of new ways to re-invent their business, and something they did caught my attention. They started selling their irregular t-shirts in “grab bag” style for those crafty folks at home needing 100 percent cotton for their projects and masks. I wondered if we could help make masks of those shirts, and if that could be the very first product for ReTexstyled?

We moved quickly, and this week, I am proud to say, we are sending our first shipment of ‘ReTexstyled’ masks to TS Designs to sell!

For us, there was no greater way to start this new division than with this partnership, making a product so many people need right now. So, if you want masks for your family that are truly made in America, check out the ones being sold at TS Designs.

Your purchase means so much more!

It supports a fantastic small business and helps to bring their employees back to work. It helps keep textile waste out of the landfill. It keeps our fabric cutters cutting and our seamstresses sewing, and it supports our motto of “Recycled, Repurposed, ReTexstyled!”

(Here is a link to the masks being sold at TS Designs, and your support of this product is greatly appreciated.)